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Welcome to Bear Valley

Thank you for your interest in joining the Bear Valley National Ski Patrol (BVNSP). We welcome you to visit Bear Valley Mountain Resort and be a part of the team of sport enthusiasts. We continue to build a safe and supervised network supporting the enjoyment of mountain sports. Our patrol consists of 30 – 40 proficient volunteers who have the training in CPR, Outdoor Emergency Care and a Candidate year of Bear Valley Training. Many patrollers at Bear Valley have volunteered years of patrolling and are dedicated to the enjoyment of mountain sports. We come from many different cities from Monterey to Dorington, CA. We love what we do and welcome you to join us. It is a great feeling to be the first or last one on the hill, to help someone who is injured or assist a family finding a missing child.
Bear Valley is a rugged resort nestled in the Sierra western slopes between bustling Tahoe and majestic Yosemite National Park at the end of Hwy 4. It is less than 3.5 hours from the Bay area and is a beautiful wilderness region meant for mountain sport enthusiasts.
If you are interested, start by coming to Bear Valley to see for yourself. Just stop by the Ski Patrol Shack at the top of Bear Chair on the first Sunday of the month, December thru March, at 2:00 PM. If you are convinced, email our patrol representative at BVNSP provides information and asks you to provide interest and action.
The candidate training program starts mid-season of your first season and progresses through mid-season of the following season. Proficiency at each of the following points leads to the next step:
  • Ski and Board Skills check over various terrain at Bear Valley in early January
  • Outdoor Emergency Transportation course at Bear Valley for the remainder of the season
  • Outdoor Emergency Care and CPR courses in the summer and fall (Check Calendar and )
  • Proficiency checks for first aid and toboggan skills in January-February of the following season
  • Six days of buddy Patrolling on your own  
It is easy to see that BVNSP takes some time and commitment. The rewards in lifestyle and benefits surpass the costs for us on BVNSP. Check out our BVNSP Responsibilities /Benefits doc.
Jennifer Glenday, Patrol Rep
 For more information, check out the Bear Valley National Ski Patrol website at .