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Mother Lode Region Awards 2017-2018

  • Outstanding Patroller: • Robert Maxin – Sugar Bowl
  • Outstanding Alpine Patroller: • Jeremy Veldstra – Sugar Bowl
  • Outstanding Paid Patroller: • Andrew Pinkham – Sugar Bowl
  • Outstanding Aux Patroller: • Bruce Aronson – Sugar Bowl
  • Outstanding OEC Instructor Patroller: Carl Richter – Dodge Ridge
  • Outstanding Instructor (Non OEC): Robert Maxim – Sugar Bowl
  • Outstanding Administrative Patroller: Ri Chan – Sugar Bowl
  • Outstanding Large Ski Patrol: Sugar Bowl
  • Purple Merit Star: Andrew Pinkham – Sugar Bowl
  • Purple Merit Star: • Courtney Meyerholz – Sugar Bowl
  • Distinguished Service Award: • Jim Zaloga – Sugar Bowl
  • John Jamison Award: Sue Dennison – Sugar Bowl

              Mother Lode Region Awards 2016-2017

              • Outstanding Patroller: Bruce Aronson – Sugar Bowl
              • Outstanding Alpine Patroller: Jeremy Veldstra – Sugar Bowl
              • Outstanding Paid Patroller: Christopher Dunbar – Sugar Bowl
              • Outstanding OEC Instructor Patroller: Julie Racioppi – Sugar Bowl
              • Outstanding Instructor (Non OEC): Robert Maxim – Sugar Bowl
              • Outstanding Administrative Patroller: Ri Chan – Sugar Bowl
              • Outstanding NSP Patrol Representative: George Andy Rich - Bear Valley
              • Outstanding Ski Patrol: Sugar Bowl
              • Purple Merit Star: Sonjia Borelli Kivley – Dodge Ridge
              • Distinguished Service Award: Don D’Alessandro – Sugar Bowl
              • John Jamison Award: Debbie Whitcher – Dodge Ridge

                          Mother Lode Region Awards 2015-2016

                          • Outstanding Patroller: Sue Dennison – Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding Alpine Patroller: Bo Yule – Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding Paid Patroller: Jason Haddad – Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding OEC Instructor Patroller: John Harvey – Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding Instructor (Non OEC): Daryl Whichter – Dodge Ridge
                          • Outstanding Administrative Patroller: Kevin Qualseth – China Peak
                          • Outstanding Large Ski Patrol: Sugar Bowl
                          • Distinguished Service Award: Ed Shea – Sugar Bowl
                          • John Jamison Award: Tim Viall

                          Mother Lode Region Awards 2014-2015

                          Service Awards Recognition: 

                          • ·Ron Everson 35 years of NSP Service – Donner Ski Ranch 
                          • ·David Ritchie 50 years of NSP Service – Bear Valley Ski Patrol

                           Mother Lode Region Outstanding Awards:

                           1.     The John Jamison Award:  Keith Gale – Pinecrest Nordic – We honored Keith for his outstanding work as a Patrol Rep, MLR Advisor  as a NSP Instructor and Instructor Trainer.  Keith is one of our hardest working NSP Instructors.

                           2.     Outstanding Paid Patroller: Carl Richer – Dodge Ridge Ski Patrol – We honored Carl for his 24 years of NSP Service to his patrol and resort as an NSP leader, NSP Instructor and paid Assistant Director.  Carl has advanced as a NSP volunteer patrol leader, to Patrol Rep, to the paid staff, to Patrol Supervisor and now the Assistant Patrol Director of the Paid Staff.  Carl has used his talents and energy to help blend the NSP Volunteers and paid staff into an integrated and professional patrol dedicated to the skiing public at Dodge Ridge.   

                           3.     Outstanding OEC Instructor: Chris Petersen – Dodge Ridge Ski Patrol – We honored Chris for severing as a Senior OEC Advisor for the Dodge Ridge Ski Patrol and currently as his patrol’s OEC Advisor, OEC Lead Instructor, OEC Refresher Coordinator, and as both a MLR/FWD Senior OEC Evaluator.  Chris unselfishness and team-spirit as an NSP OEC Instructor has benefited his patrol the NSP OEC program.   

                           4.     Outstanding Alpine Patroller: Justin Lichter – Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol – Justin earner his Senior patrol status his first year in a single day! Justin also works full-time as a paid patroller at another resort.  When asked why he was willing to put in the volunteer commitment at Sugar Bowl in addition to his full-time patrol paid job, he said he enjoyed skiing fun terrain, skiing with fun people and helping others.  He puts in more than his required days and has readily shares his expertise with avalanche gear with fellow patrollers seeking to become more proficient with their gear.  His competence and enthusiastic spirit is evident to every member of the Sugar Bowl Patrol.  There is no job he has shied away from and exemplifies “team spirit” in the ways he works with those he is around.      

                           5.     Outstanding Small Patrol - Bear Valley Ski Patrol – Understanding the outstanding nature of this patrol requires understanding the human safety challenge it meets for this mountain wildness community and the corridor that is 50 miles by car from the nearest emergency care facilities.  The mountain is a rugged terrain with adjoining cross-county facility centered between two expansive and remote wilderness areas.  This patrol has risen to the challenge to meet the safety and educational needs of the mountain and the surrounding community.  This patrol has a paid and volunteer patrol and has evolved to an understanding that its members would need to be a dedicated group of individuals, both volunteer and professional, well trained in order to correctly assess and render care for the extended timeframes in the remote region that Bear Valley Ski Patrol exist.  This patrols values are family, training, and long-term dedication.

                           6.     Outstanding Large Patrol: Dodge Ridge Ski Patrol – This patrol is outstanding because members challenge themselves and each other to be better, year-by-year and leverage success of past training programs.  This patrols exemplifies the long-standing tradition of the NSP: blending the talents of long-time members, cultivating their family involvements and weaving new blood into a growing and dynamic local patrol that delivers professional OEC of the highest dimension.  This patrol is united in spirit and treasures family values.  This patrol provides leaders at the Patrol, Region, and Division level and constantly strive for improvements in service to the skiing public and the local ski area.

                           Purple Merit Star: 

                          • Brad Turner – Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol – Sugar Bowl Patroller Brad Turner responded on January 2, 2015 to a radio call on Disney trail, “Skier down and unresponsive”.  Brad quickly recognized that the skier was unresponsive, pulseless and apneic and immediately initiated CPR.  Shortly thereafter the call on the radio came, “Code blue”.  Brad transported the skier down the slope to where his fellow patrollers where waiting to provide assistance.  The skier was then transported to the EMS system.  Patroller Brad Turner quick and proficient initiation of CPR and rapid transport of the skier to the EMS system kept him alive long enough to be delivered to the EMS system.  Brads action on 1/2/2015 are commendable and bring credit to himself and the Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol as stated by Dr. Manuel Garrido.        

                           National Appointment:

                          • · Mr. Steve Shields – Bear Valley Ski Patrol – Besides strong patrolling skills as a Senior Patroller and offering cross-discipline mentorship as a triple certified NSP Instructor, his strongest contribution to the Bear Valley Mountain Resort as well as area winter recreational safety has been the relentless pursuit and achievement of bringing together ski patrol, paid/pro and volunteer and multiple search and rescue teams to address both lost persons as well as enhanced avalanche safety and response for a growing slack/side/back country skiing/boarding community.  Several saves of ticketed lost persons have been attributed directly to the skill building by the individuals and teams he has trained.  
                          • ·Mr. Stephen MacCracken – Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol – Steve has a great relationship with the Ski area corporation.  He has done significant architectural work for them, which has benefitted patrol in many ways.  He was able to persuade ski area management to allow the patrol to build a large locker facility under the resort lodge, converting what was a cobwebby, mud-bottomed dark cavern to a bright, beautiful locker room with about 80 lockers for patroller use.  Stephen severed as the Sugar Bowl NSP Patrol Represented from 2010-2012.  His list of accomplishments is long and rich.  He is a leader, a successful architect in business and a family man that loves his family

                          • Mother Lode Region Awards 2013-2014
                          • Outstanding Patroller: Dan Freeman – Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding Alpine Patroller: Joe Morgensen – Bear Valley
                          • Outstanding OEC Instructor Patroller: Julie Racioppi – Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding Instructor (Non OEC): David Young – Bear Valley
                          • Outstanding Administrative Patroller: Daryl Whitcher – Dodge Ridge
                          • Outstanding NSP Patrol Representative: Mike McDonnell – Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding Ski Patrol: Sugar Bowl
                          • John Jamison Award: Kevin Qualseth – China Peak
                          • National Appointment: Mike Loy – Dodge Ridge #11306


                          2012- 2013 Mother Lode Region Award Winners:

                          • Outstanding Young Adult Patroller - Pierson Connors - Bear Valley
                          • Outstanding OEC Instructor - Karin Murray - Dodge Ridge
                          • Outstanding Alpine Patroller - George Hardin - Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding Paid Patroller - Carl Richter - Dodge Ridge
                          • Outstanding NSP Patrol Representative - Stephen MacCracken -Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding Patroller (Auxiliary) -Stacy Crane - Dodge Ridge
                          • Outstanding (Non OEC) Instructor - Michael Morrison - Dodge Ridge
                          • Outstanding Large Ski Patrol - Bear Valley
                          • John Jamison Director Award - Tony Atkins - China Peak
                          • Merit Star Awards - Orrin Turold-Sugar Bowl; Jim Flaherty-Sugar Bowl; Harrie Dennison-Sugar Bowl
                          • National Appointments:
                          • Sean Venables-Bear Valley
                          • Randy Baerg-China Peak
                          • Gary Rudy-Bear Valley

                          Mother Lode Region Awards 2011- 2012

                          • Outstanding Young Adult - Alexandra Wiegel & Jesse Honig – Bear Valley
                          • Nomination Patrollers Cross – Sean Venables, Laine Fuller, George Rich – Bear Valley
                          • Moment of silence – Bear Valley – Eric Conners
                          • Rookie of the Year – Luke Vonn – Kirkwood
                          • Outstanding Administrative Patroller – Kevin Qualseth – China Peak
                          • Outstanding OEC Instructor – Sean Venables – Bear Valley
                          • Outstanding non-OEC Instructor – Mike Loy – Dodge Ridge
                          • Outstanding Paid Patroller – Mattly Trent – Bear Valley
                          • Outstanding Patroller – (Auxiliary) Mike Byas – China Peak
                          • Mother Lode Region Director’s Award – Rene Schuster –Kirkwood/Dodge Ridge
                          • Outstanding NSP Patrol Representative – Steve MacCracken – Sugar Bowl
                          • Outstanding Alpine Patroller – Dore Bietz – Kirkwood/Dodge Ridge
                          • Outstanding Nordic Patrol - Royal Gorge
                          • Outstanding Small Patrol – Soda Springs
                          • Outstanding Large Patrol – China Peak
                          • Distinguished Service Award – Howard “Mike” Laney – Sugar Bowl
                          • Leadership Commendation Appointment – Tony Atkins – China Peak



                          Far West Division Awards 2012 

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                          For information on writing and submitting awards please contact:

                          Debbie Whitcher, Awards Advisor


                          John Kretschmann, co-Chairman


                          MLR Awards Deadline:  February 21, 2014